Voluntary Surrenders


Voluntary Repossessions and surrenders present unique challenges that are often overlooked.  Accurate communication is key when working with debtors to make arrangements, confirm appointments, and dispatch agents/equipment appropriately. Recovery companies must be available 24 hours a day,  7 days a week for whatever arrangement is convenient for the debtor.

Clients can take comfort in knowing that AssetsBiz Corp. has a full time fleet of flatbeds and an 8-car carrier that pick up a majority of Voluntary Repossessions assigned to our firm.   This avoids excess mileage concerns and represents the client in a professional manner. 

Voluntary Repossession = The definition of a voluntary should be a case where we are provided with a phone number to contact the debtor as well as an address where the collateral should be located.  The vehicle should not be in-operatable and we should not have to make more than one scheduled visit to the location.

This is not the most affordable option for AssetsBiz Corp. however our companies core values are that we exceed client requirements and perform our services at the highest level.

AssetsBiz Corp. is dedicated to technological advancements like LPR Technology.
Our heavy investment in this technology has allowed us to become one of the nations largest LPR Providers.
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