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Assets Has Gone Green

AssetsBiz Corp. is an environmentally responsible company and has specific goals to reduce waste, conserve energy, reduce the use of toxins, reduce emissions and recycle. Read More

AssetsBiz Corp. Joins Allied Finance Adjusters

AssetsBiz Corp. became a member of Allied Finance Adjusters

AssetsBiz Corp is fully compliant with CFPB regulations

AssetsBiz is fully compliant with CFPB Compliance regulations. We have worked with numerous lenders and created processes to make sure every process meets...

AssetsBiz Corp launches website

We are excited to announce our web presence at! Our commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction led us on a search...
AssetsBiz Corp. is dedicated to technological advancements like LPR Technology.
Our heavy investment in this technology has allowed us to become one of the nations largest LPR Providers.
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