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My car was repossessed what should I do now?

If your vehicle was repossessed you should contact your financial institution to find out what kind of arrangements can be made or what options you have.  

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My car was repossessed and I want to redeem my property that was in the vehicle at the time of repossession, what should I do?

Call AssetsBiz at (847) 462-8228.  It is important that someone that is on the vehicles contract call into AssetsBiz otherwise we will not be able to help you due to third party disclosure laws.

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My car was repossessed and I am trying to plan for storage fees, what are your fees?

Redemption fees generally consist of a $65.00 redemption fee, plus $30.00/day from the day of repossession. Redemption fees must be paid in cash only.

If your vehicle was repossessed and you have concerns or comments about your experience with AssetsBiz, please write to:

AssetsBiz Corp.
P.O. Box 441
Barrington, IL  60011-0441
Attn:  Management team

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