LPR Technology

We are a leader in this field. We have scanned nearly ten million license plates over the course of the last several years. Our clients are the winners by both increasing recovery rates and recovering vehicles that would have been nearly impossible to find in the past. We started a strategic alliance with DRN (Digital Recognition Network hyperlink: in mid 2008.

Recovery Software Platforms

AssetsBiz Corp. is powered by RDN (Recovery Database Network) a full service repossession software platform that allows us to interface directly with clients and adjusters in the field. This interface allows us to provide up to the minute reporting to our clients. Lenders can be given sign in information so that they can enter accounts directly, follow the progress of accounts or manage accounts online while they are assigned to us. RDN allows us to be accessible to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also maintain a full subscription to iRepo/Re-pros for clients that use this software platform to interface with agents.

Call us today to find out how our technologies can help you find more vehicles. If your company has a large charge off portfolio, old un‐worked accounts or if you are looking for a progressive innovation based recovery company we are the right fit for you.

AssetsBiz Corp. is dedicated to technological advancements like LPR Technology.
Our heavy investment in this technology has allowed us to become one of the nations largest LPR Providers.
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