Involuntary Repossessions:  We have built our success on the ability to provide expert involuntary repossession services.  Our investments in LPR Technology as well as our exceptional skip trace ability allow us to find and secure collateral that are otherwise hard to find.  Snatch and grab tow trucks, our advanced ability to make keys and our experienced trained repossession professionals provide consistent and professional results.

Even though we have invested heavily into technology and equipment to help us locate and recovery collateral quickly.  There are still situations in which debtors have vehicles in a secure location or they are blocked in by other vehicles and we are forced to demand the surrender of collateral. Our staff of repossession agents will represent your financial institution with extreme professionalism and class.  Discussing the surrender of a vehicle is always a very tense and sometimes dangerous situation.  Our agents have exceptional interpersonal skills that alleviate tension resulting in more cooperation and avoiding negative feedback to the lender about the recovery process.  

Repossession agents perform a necessary and very dangerous service that will strategically put the client in a situation where they can regain control of a loan that might have fallen out of good standing.  We ask our clients to allow us to perform our service as well as respect the safety of our agents by avoiding negotiations while we are on site.  It is our goal to exit face to face situations as quickly as possible to avoid conflict during a tenuous situation. 

AssetsBiz Corp. is dedicated to technological advancements like LPR Technology.
Our heavy investment in this technology has allowed us to become one of the nations largest LPR Providers.
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